Breaking Through The Old.
Discovering New Perspectives.

This is our Breakthrough

Breakthrough is a non-profit movement dedicated the youth of this nation who are facing struggles of suicide, addiction, self-infliction, abuse, or depression. Breakthrough is one of the most exciting youth group concert events across the board. This 3 day packed-event delivers messages of inspiration and hope to young people and is also catered with live music from bands willing to help promote the cause. Breakthrough aims to be a positive influence on this young generation's troubled times.


Mission: San Diego

We all as young individuals wake up to a new dawn. The vision that we carry is to reach out to the young generation who are struggling with obtaining love, hope, and redemption. This year we are hosting Breakthrough in the heart of San Diego. Our speakers in the event are dynamic, powerful, and convicting. the line-up of bands create and encourage a message that the youth not just want to hear, but need to hear. Join us as we unfold the issues and embrace a new perspective.